Women's lingerie is meant to be seductive and attractive. It could include fancy and impractical bras, panties, bra and panty sets, camisoles, slips or even a theme-like costume. The first category of women’s lingerie we will discuss is the bra. Bras are meant to hold and support the breasts. Bra cups are meant to support the breasts and are available both with and without wires that are built into the fabric. A bra size is marked by the cup and also by the width of the band that specifies the size of a breast as well as the circumference of the ribcage. Common bra styles include classic bras, sports bras, push up bras, and convertible bras. Women can either buy bra sets or just bras that are available in a wide variety of styles, designs, fabrics, colors and price ranges.

The next category in women’s lingerie is the panty. Women’s panties are available in different fabrics such as cotton, silk and synthetic materials. They are offered in a wide range of designs, patterns, colors and styles. The most common panty style is the classic panty, which is cut high on the waistband and most of the material is covering the crotch and the rear area. Common panty styles include thongs, g-string and bikinis.

The last category in women’s lingerie is shape wear. Shape wear is known as shaping underwear and is designed with the intention of altering the shape of a woman’s body. Unlike the days gone by where corsets nipped the waistline and pulled up the breasts, shape wear is the modern day version that helps to smoothen out as well as squeeze the body parts in place. Women can find slips, camisoles and body suits designed to help make a woman appear slim.

There are many online lingerie stores that sell quality and affordable indian lingerie which can range from under ten dollars to hundreds of dollars, depending upon the fabric, style, design and brand.